First Capital looks forward to sharing our proposal with the community. Take a look to see what we envision for the site and our priorities for development of this gateway corner.

What are we proposing?

Through the introduction of residential units and open space, and the reintroduction of retail and commercial space, this mixed-use proposal hopes to become a gateway corner into the Upper Avenue Community. Improving the public realm is a must for this project and First Capital looks forward to making this site a pedestrian friendly place to shop, live, and work.


Public Realm

This project has a significant opportunity to improve the walkability of Avenue and Lawrence, and create an experience that makes it a destination for the community. Through the redevelopment of the site there will be:

  • Wider sidewalks, doubling size in some areas
  • Places to sit and art to enjoy
  • A reduced number of curb cuts

Green & Open Space

Providing much needed green and open space in the Avenue and Lawrence neighbourhood, by providing:

  • Over 9,700 square feet of green & open space
  • Playground for children
  • Trees and plantings surrounding the site

Retail Space

Providing a boost and injection of vibrancy into the retail landscape along the Avenue Corridor, by providing:

  • Almost 50,000 square feet of retail space
  • Retail on level one of "Building A" and levels one and two in "Building B"
  • Continuous retail frontages along Avenue and Lawrence
  • 150 retail underground parking spaces

Built Form

The size of this site allows for a unique opportunity in the Upper Avenue area. This proposal responds to the site context in providing two mixed-use residential buildings with heights of 10 and 13 storeys.

There will be a total of 455 units, including 15 rental replacement units. Parking for cars and bikes will be provided underground, with 605 parking spaces and 481 bicycle parking spaces.

Tell us how you want to share your voice

We want you to be able to get the information you need and share your comments, thoughts, and ideas in a way that works for you. As we start the planning process, we invite you to take a short survey telling us the best way to involve you.