Learn about what First Capital is proposing for the northeast corner of Avenue & Lawrence. This page includes the most up-to-date information regarding application materials and City Staff reports.

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Arborist Report
Architectural Plans
Block Context Plan
Civil Plans
Comment Response Matrix
Draft Official Plan Amendment
Draft Zoning By-law
Geotechnical Investigation
Hydrogeological Investigation
Landscape Plans
Natural Heritage Impact Study
Noise and Vibration Assessment
Pedestrian Wind Assessment
Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment
Planning Addendum Letter
Public Consultation Strategy Report Addendum
Slope Stability Report
Stage 1 Archaeological Assessment
TGS Checklist
Transportation Impact Study

Final Staff Report
Last step in the City's process. To be issued at the end of the development application process.
Preliminary Staff Report
First document issued by City Staff with a recommendation to host a Community Consultation Meeting